24M Comes Out of Stealth Mode With Some Help From Accomplish

Innovation That Will Shape the Future of Energy

For the last 5 years, 24M has been working tirelessly on perfecting their Semisolid Lithium-ion cell, a revolutionary technology that solves the grand challenge of energy storage by enabling a new, cost-effective class of the lithium-ion battery. The Cambridge-based innovator was founded in 2010 by Dr. Yet-Ming Chiang, Dr. Craig Carter, and Throop Wilder. Along the way, they raised $54.5 million in order to develop Chiang and team’s vision for their new battery cell technology.

The Partnership That Delivered

Accomplish partnered with the 24M team and Tier One Partners PR firm to architect, design and build a website worthy of their technological achievement. The website was created from the ground up, beginning with collaborative discovery and strategy workshops that led to fresh content architecture and user flow. From there, our team dissected the 24M brand to give it new life and meaning, through intuitive website UI design, art direction for visual content, and an animated CAD video that summarizes the vision behind their innovation.

All of this work is built on the ever-powerful WordPress platform, with modular CMS (Content Management System) controls that will allow for easy expansion as 24M unveils more website content to the masses. The new 24M website is also built on a responsive framework, so that every user receives a tailored experience, across every device and every platform. The end result of all of the hard work, collaboration, and ideation is a brilliant website that tells the 24M story to the world for years to come. We’re proud and excited about our project launch for such an exciting company. Check out their website and read more about 24M’s groundbreaking Semisolid Lithium-ion technology.

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