4 Things to Remember When Handling the Copywriting for your Website Redesign

When your business first began, you were fighting for clients and working hard to create interesting, engaging content to build an audience. Now, you have the audience, you have the clients, and you have a reputation to live up to. Your copywriting needs to reflect that you are established, you are successful, and you are continuing to grow and meet your clients’ needs.

Redesigning your website to reflect all these positive changes means it is time to change your approach to the copywriting aspect as well. Handling these rewrites in-house can be cost-effective but difficult for several reasons. Consider these four things when it comes to your copywriting for your redesigned website.

Pride vs. Productivity

Before tackling any rewrites, clarify the purpose of the changes you are considering. Your goals are important because they help direct your content structure, timing, and topics to be reviewed for a rewrite. Some of the articles that were imperative to your business may require an update or removal altogether.

Creating content yourself puts a personal spin on the message you are giving prospective clients. Feelings leak through into the articles when we write. You are also familiar with the topics that created the business. It is personal and an important part of the business.

This familiarity may make it hard to change the tone used to attract and maintain the current clientele. Now they need support and frequent springs of new information. Changing tactics and rewriting from a different angle is what is needed at this point. This can get in the way of reproducing the articles because it actually changes the way your writing is produced.

Contracting the writing and editing to an outside source frees you up to handle other projects that keep the business growing. Working closely with a new author and editor will ensure the message meets high-quality standards and delivers the right tone. Not only does this provide support to an existing customer base, it lets them know their needs have been recognized and strategies are in place to accommodate them.

Keeping Your Hand on the Pulse

Many small companies prefer to be deeply involved in the content creation process. When it comes to copywriting for their redesigned website, they want to retain their business focus and identify the goals that make them relevant in their field. By keeping their hand in the process, owners and managers can keep their project on schedule and approve the content.

By producing their rewrites in-house, they can decide whether they want to elaborate on certain areas or eliminate articles that do not fit the profile. This is a great strategy that saves money and uses years of industry knowledge and experience to produce engaging material. Changing the slant of an article means taking the time to consider the message being delivered without losing the emphasis on the company’s objectives.

Editing yourself can help ensure the message comes across with the right amount of sincerity and professionalism. Industry leaders know the jargon and it is necessary to present it professionally when putting yourself on the line. Ensuring that the terminology is spelled correctly and used properly relates your message clearly. Experienced writers and editors within the business make this process easier. Spell checkers verify commerce terms and grammar programs support the syntax. Using the right software, the work can be done effectively and affordably.

Getting the Message Right

Many business owners like the personal touch their audiences receive with a self-produced copy. Rewriting their content to tackle new challenges allows them to ensure their customers are receiving the right information. Not only does this save the business money, it allows them to expand on ideas that are important and enforce the company’s vision.

However, sending the finished product to an independent editor can provide the backup necessary to go from good to great. When writing an article, authors often miss their own mistakes because they know what they meant to write. Words are omitted or skipped and ideas become fragmented. The information customers are looking for needs to flow smoothly and consistently to retain their interest and an outside editor can catch these mistakes easier.

Does Copywriting Work for You?

Content is what caught your customer’s attention and content is what will continue to bring them back long after your website is redesigned. Your goals determine what is available but the audience has become accustomed to a certain style and design. It is vital that your strategy includes selling them on the advantages of the new design with rewritten webpage content.

Having a content strategist in the mix streamlines the workload taking the pressure off of the management and staff. Since many small and medium businesses are operating on strict budgets, it is not always possible to have an author available to handle the rewrites. Outsourcing the work can also lead to increased productivity.

Outsourcing rewrites will free up current employees to work on new projects and products coming down the line. This ensures customers continue to receive new information about your company while the upgrades are underway. They remain interested and continue to interact with the business and look forward to the benefits the newly designed website will offer.

Copywriting Whiteboard Image

Implementing the New Design

Tackle the new website design with an open mind but keep your vision in the forefront at all times. This will prevent confusion and help keep your content on track. Like the initial business plan, it is an outline of your direction and the rewritten copy must support that. Any rewrites that occur should reflect your progress and underline the history you have with your customers. By cementing this all together, the redesigned website presents a cohesive journey from the beginning of business to today.

Consider all the options available and weigh them carefully when choosing the professionals necessary to keep moving forward. Continual success is the goal. Redesigning your website and the content on your pages is part of that objective. It provides more information, updates, and engages your audience better. Whether you handle the rewrites in-house or outsource the work, make sure the reputation of the company maintains its commitment to reliable information on a regular basis.

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