6 Strategies for Increasing Your Email Subscribers

Building an email list is one of the safest and most lucrative ways of growing your business. Profit can be consistent because you can speak directly to subscribers at any time, while security is provided by the creation of an asset that can withstand external business issues.

While the success of email marketing has stood up to the evolving web, it has become harder to convince people to join a list. A busy email folder has become problematic for most people, so it is vital to have a number of clear strategies for generating interest.

Create a Landing Page

A landing page is a trusted method of generating high subscriber levels. The page is created with a limited number of options, so the visitor has to make a choice of inputting their email address or leaving the page. Landing pages can vary in length, but they are best when they are fairly concise and focused. SEO can be effective when using landing pages. However, with most traffic either being filtered to the page or coming from PPC (paid traffic), you will need to do more than organic SEO. If you want to build a profitable list, a landing page is a good place to start.

Add an Interstitial

While some visitors don’t appreciate interstitial pop-ups, they can be effective in increasing the number of subscriber. There are various interstitial pop-up solutions available to you, with the size and location of the window being the main deciding factors. One key to reducing irritation is to make the pop-up information highly relevant to the page content. If a person is visiting to read an article, ensuring the subscriptions call to action is relatable to the reader and it will create less friction.

Keep It Simple Stupid (The KISS Principle)

The simplest signup form will be a request for an email address. Avoiding any extra requests can often be the best way to increase conversions, but you won’t know for certain without testing. When you are dealing with certain niches, creating a more complex form might be more beneficial, allowing you to segment the list based on demographic factors. However, simplifying your form will usually encourage the highest numbers of subscriptions.

Make Your Offer Enticing

Asking people to join your list without a reason will yield poor results. However, if you can create an enticing offer, you will drastically increase subscriber numbers. Many sites simply ask you to join their newsletter, but this is not particularly unique or attractive. Probably the best offer is something that solves a single problem or focuses on a particular issue. Avoiding anything generic or excessively complicated will usually ensure you see an increase in subscriber numbers.

Reciprocal Mailing

Reciprocal mailing involves partnering with other business. Each partner will email their subscribers, typically offering a bonus or discount offer from the other party. There are many services that let you rent a list in a particular niche, but reciprocal mailing is more powerful as the recommendation comes from a trusted source. If you want to make the biggest impression, partnering with established personalities will usually garner the best results.

Identify Lifetime Subscriber Value

Finally, identifying the lifetime value of each subscriber will let you take your list-building efforts to a new level. Calculating the average earnings for each subscriber will show how much you can afford to spend to acquire each new subscriber. You can then accurately budget for each advertising platform and lead-generation funnel. Understanding subscriber value ensures you can spend enough to increase your list, but also avoids overspending issues.

Implementing each of these strategies should be enough to generate a consistent flow of new subscribers. Email marketing is far from dead, with many top marketers placing it at the core of their sales funnel. If you can gain some subscribers, build a relationship, and offer relevant products, you will quickly see the benefits of focusing on your list.

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