What We’re Listening To: War of Change – TFK

Good rock seems harder to come by these days, but the jams of TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch) definitely help fill that gap for me.

The band describes their music as “enveloped with heat and energy”, which is the perfect way to describe War of Change, off their 2012 album The End Is Where We Begin:

Just a great tune to rock out to, whether you need to get your blood pumping, blow off some steam, or just relax with some good rock.

While they have plenty to rock out to, their music has a little something for everyone. Their newest album, OXYGEN:INHALE, is definitely a lighter record, while still great in its own right. All of their music can be found on Spotify.

One awesome footnote – TFK became 100% independent with the release of The End Is Where We Begin, which was entirely funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

And isn’t marketing all about a War of Change, anyway?

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