Happy New Year from the Accomplish Team

Happy New Year friends! Yes, we’re a day early, but that’s how excited we are to jump into 2015. We hope your 2014 was amazing; if not, the shiny new hope of a new year is right around the corner.

For Accomplish, 2014 was an awesome, trying and telling year.

We celebrated nice success stories; including the transformation of the Northeastern University IMP into a fully interactive website, and launching the website and marketing for The Beach Sheet.

We overcame many obstacles, as any growing agency does, and emerged with an even greater passion and skill for our work.

Our focus now is on finding the right match for your needs. We’ve realized that not every client will be a match for our agency – nor should they be. Your success is our ultimate goal, whether you’re partnering with us or another agency.

Moving to Boston

Our relocation to Boston has also proven to be a great move, giving us a larger platform to succeed on in all facets of the business.

Evolving Our Business

Most importantly? We’ve come to realize that our partner’s needs go beyond one-off projects like websites. So we’ve expanded our services and packages to create long-term partnerships and nurture collaboration, growth and proven results.


In 2014, we began UX Workshops with our partners, to talk strategy, discovery, and provide consultation on solutions. Our partners have raved about the great collaborative experience, and we see this as something we will continue for years to come.

Another new process we implemented was Interactive Prototypes. These prototypes allow our partners to test-drive their new website or application before we actually build it. Allowing them to visualize the result, before it’s even developed, reduces unnecessary revisions and cuts development time significantly.


We extended our workshops and collaboration improvements to design as well.

Our brand workshops with partners engage them in our creative process from the conceptual phase, giving us the opportunity to share ideas and assess the needs of their brand and their people (internal and external) for years to come.

We follow those workshops with Creative Sessions, where we share our project ideas and inspirations with partners before moving a single pixel in Photoshop.


After partnering with HubSpot and attending INBOUND14, we have no doubt we can serve our partners better with new fully integrated marketing and design packages (and we can still create a great standalone website, too).

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog this year (and maybe even learned a thing or two) and that you’ll keep an eye on us throughout the coming year. With two posts a week starting next week, we have a lot of great things in store.

Cheers to conquering 2015! Make yours fantastic.

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